About MDPE​

MDPE is a provider of high quality Physical Education for primary schools. It takes primary school PE to the next level by having qualified and experienced PE teachers delivering in curriculum time alongside primary school teachers and teaching assistants.


"When pupils' views about physical education were canvassed pupils were very positive. One response was, 'we couldn't be luckier'!"

Alverton Community Primary School Ofsted Report - May 2014

Curriculum PE

Highly skilled and qualified PE teachers teach PE alongside primary school teachers, providing high quality PE lessons for the children, and a valuable CPD experience for staff (CPD in the Curriculum).


"Where PE (teaching) required improvement, the main weaknesses were the teachers limited subject knowledge and use of assessment which led to superficial planning and insufficient challenge, particularly for the more able pupils"

"Participation rates were very high but only a few primary schools taught selected activities in enough depth"

Beyond 2012 - Outstanding Physical Education For All - Ofsted Survey - February 2013


The MDPE Teacher will deliver the whole curriculum providing continuity for the children throughout the academic year. This can improve behaviour and engagement in PE due to the consistency and classroom management of an experienced, qualified teacher. Assessment is embedded to ensure lessons are challenging and appropriate to the ability and age of the children. Teachers can also be hired on a short term basis to deliver specific areas of the curriculum.


"Allocated sports funding is used effectively to enrich the scope of sports and other outdoor activities. Teachers' skills in leading those activities are improving because of their work alongside the specialist physical education teacher employed by the school."

Alverton Community Primary School Ofsted Report - May 2014


This is consistent with the Department for Education's vision to upskill and support existing primary school staff to make PE more sustainable in future. The DfE also state that the Sport Premium Funding should not be used to buy in sports coaches to displace teachers or to cover PPA.


"The sports premium funding is used well to enhance the curriculum by providing opportunities for school staff to shadow sports specialists. This enables the school to offer an extended range of sporting opportunities resulting in more pupils engaging in sport activities."
Mill Hill Community Primary School Ofsted Report - April 2015

Curriculum Planning

MDPE will work with your school to enhance your curriculum map to ensure that children are receiving a diverse, balanced and engaging PE curriculum which allows all children to experience new activities while developing their existing skills.


"Plan learning in PE that builds on what pupils of all abilities already know, understand and can do, and identifies what pupils need to do next in order to improve"

Beyond 2012 - Outstanding Physical Education For All - Ofsted Survey - February 2013

Extra Curricular Clubs

Fun for all multi-sport clubs; sport specific clubs working towards competitions; or an opportunity for children to take part in physical activity with their friends. Lunch time clubs could also be the ideal opportunity for intra-school competition.


School leaders should "provide weekly opportunities for all pupils to participate and compete in school sport to enable the most able pupils to attain high standards of performance"

Beyond 2012 - Outstanding Physical Education For All - Ofsted Survey - February 2013