By using assessment effectively in PE we can help children to develop a wide range of life skills; this encourages children and teachers to focus on the thinking, the social and the healthy side of PE, not just the physical aspect. By assessing across these areas we can help children to identify aspects that they can improve upon.


"Approaches to assessment must be meaningful and embedded throughout a high quality physical education curriculum; which enables learners to make progress and improve their attainment"

Guidance on Assessment: National Curriculum 2014 - The PE Expert Group - November 2014


Assessment will also inform future planning, to ensure that each lesson meets the needs of the children, and is differentiated appropriately.


For further information on assessment or to improve the PE assessment procedure in your school, please contact MDPE.

Tracking Progress


The MDPE Assessment Tracker gives a simple and efficient way to record progress in PE. This follows on from having a sound assessment procedure and can be used to monitor the strengths and areas for improvement of each child. Progress can be clearly seen at a glance, while a closer look will show where each child has improved in different areas, and can identify areas for further improvement. This in turn can help to inform future planning.


"Weak assessment procedures did not provide an accurate measure of how well individuals or groups of pupils were achieving in PE in primary schools" 

Beyond 2012 - Outstanding Physical Education For All - Ofsted Survey - February 2013


Having an assessment tracker in place can also help teachers to write children's reports, by using it to identify areas of strength, suggestions for improvement, and where most progress has been made.


"All pupils make good progress which is clearly reported to parents or carers. Assessment involves pupils fully and identifies and celebrates their achievements" 

Become Outstanding - Youth Sport Trust Self Review Tool


The MDPE Assessment Tracker is available to purchase. It can be adapted to make it bespoke for your school. For more information and an individual quote, please contact MDPE.



“I am finding the MDPE Assessment Tracker much easier to use. We now have a set method for how to assess in PE”


“Planning and teaching PE has been simplified by using a core task to assess the entry and exit points. By doing this it helps to highlight the gaps in knowledge and learning steps you need to cover over the block of teaching”


“I find the MDPE Assessment Tracker allows you to see visual progression and evidence to back up written notes on your planning sheets”

Sara-Jane Craddock - Year 3 Teacher, Alverton Community Primary School, Northallerton.


“The MDPE Assessment Tracker is a great tool; it helps you to collate all the information required to assess the children in a clear, neat format, that is accessible at any time"


"It helps to identify areas where your children have struggled as they are highlighted red on the Tracker"


"The MDPE Assessment Tracker also doubles as an extra curricular planner that helps you to prepare and plan for upcoming competitions"


The MDPE Assessment Tracker is a 'must have' for any Primary School as it saves so much time and simplifies assessment and planning"

Dan Bowman - Sports Coach, Grangetown Primary School, Grangetown.

MDPE Assessment Tracker

I have developed an assessment and progress tracking tool that was successfully piloted in one of the MDPE schools in 2014/15. Since then a number of primary schools have used the MDPE Assessment Tracker consistently throughout school. The MDPE Assessment Tracker is available to purchase for use within your school.


"Assessment procedures were less well developed in the majority of schools visited" 

Beyond 2012 - Outstanding Physical Education For All - Ofsted Survey - February 2013